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    Makefile: Fix multiple custom command outputs with one missing · 9660a3cc
    Brad King authored
    The use of "cmake -E touch_nocreate" added in commit v3.2.1~4^2
    (Makefile: Fix multiple custom command outputs regression, 2015-03-06)
    caused builds to fail when one of the outputs is intentionally not
    created.  This was fixed by our parent commit by making touch_nocreate
    succeed when the file is missing.  Add a test case covering it.
    For the Watcom WMake generator, check for the SYMBOLIC source file
    property separately on each output.  The mark is needed on outputs that
    are not really created to tell 'wmake' not to complain that it is
    missing.  The mark is also needed on outputs that are created or 'wmake'
    will not consider them out of date when they exist.
    Inspired-by: Ben Boeckel's avatarBen Boeckel <ben.boeckel@kitware.com>
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