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    VS: Add Resx configuration to the vcxproj file · 6c9712c4
    Jonas Andersen authored
    In my project group we are using CMake to generate c++/cli winform
    projects and I noticed the work done in commit 79ec7868 (VS: Add Windows
    Forms Support, 2013-04-29) was in the right direction for solving some
    of the problems we were facing.
    The changes as submitted was breaking some functionality in our
    projects, so I made some changes that fixes our problems and I believe
    that it will also work for others.
    * Resx files did not link correctly with the winform h-file so I added
      the Resx configuration to the vcxproj file.
    * I removed the functionality for setting <CLRSupport> true for the
      project based on if an resx-file is pressent.  This is preventing
      us from using native cpp code.  Also this do not address that some
      projects will need to set other options like clr:pure, clr:safe.
      This could be implemented as a cmake option, so it is possible to
      specify exactly what is needed.  Existing VSWindowsFormsResx Test
      project is updated so it will be working with my changes.
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