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    build_command: Return a "cmake --build" command-line · bca67c71
    Brad King authored
    Re-implement the build_command() command to use "cmake --build" instead
    of generating a native build tool invocation directly.  This command
    will internally invoke the proper native build tool.
    This avoids requiring cmGlobalGenerator::GenerateBuildCommand to produce
    a string so that it can be later refactored to produce a vector with no
    quoting or escaping.  It will also allow us to later teach CMake to
    delay the decision about which build tool to invoke until after the
    project build system is generated to disk.  For example, on Visual
    Studio 10 and above the preferred command-line tool is MSBuild, but we
    need to fall back to devenv if the .sln has Intel Fortran .vfproj files.