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    Makefile: Fix regression in dependencies on relative includes · d46bac5d
    Brad King authored
    Since commit a13a5c94 (Replace use of CollapseCombinedPath with
    CollapseFullPath, 2019-03-19, v3.15.0-rc1~361^2~1), one code path now
    calls `CollapseFullPath` with a base path that may be relative.
    Backport KWSys commit c6f8e24a3 (SystemTools: Fix CollapseFullPath with
    relative base path, 2019-07-24) to handle such base paths.
    This case occurs when a build tree is placed in a directory inside a
    source tree such that CMake is willing to generate a relative path from
    the build tree to the source tree.  Add a test covering this case.
    Fixes: #19507