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    Tests: Verify policies are introduced only in "official" versions · b4947226
    David Cole authored
    Add the CMake.PolicyCheck test.
    This test uses "git grep" to look for policies added in a "dated"
    version of CMake. It will fail if a policy is added as of,
    for example, CMake
    The intent is to prevent such constructs from making it into an
    "official" release. Three instances actually appeared in the first
    attempted release candidate for 2.8.12.
    This test may sometimes yield false positives. After all, it's just
    using a regular expression to detect this condition, and something
    in a comment could possibly match it. As of right now, that's not
    true, but it's easy to imagine such a comment being added.
    The new test may also not catch all future problems of this sort.
    However, it will catch problems of this sort for all code that follows
    the present layout style in Source/cmPolicies.cxx.