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    ENH: CMAKE_<LANG>_LINKER_PREFERENCE is now an integer priority, not a
    two-step priority (None or Prefered)
    Current order: ASM 0, C 10, Fortran 20, CXX 30, Java 40
    This is the same order as automake choses:
    This change should be backward compatible:
    if there is a project using fortran and CXX, they had to set the
    LINKER_LANGUAGE explicitely, otherwise cmake complained (but still generated
    the project files). Explicitely setting the linker language still overrides
    automatic detection.
    If somebody has a custom language for cmake and the PREFERENCE starts with
    "P", its changed to 100, which gives it preference over all other languages
    (except the other custom languages which have also "Prefered"). "None" is
    converted to 0.
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