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    include_external_msproject: Restore support for EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL · 3106cf4e
    Brad King authored
    In commit dc688857 (Pass EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL from directory to targets,
    2019-01-15, v3.14.0-rc1~83^2) all `AddNewTarget` call sites were updated
    to copy the directory-level `EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL` into the target property
    of the same name, except that the one for `include_external_msproject`
    was incorrectly missed.  Add it now.
    Furthermore, refactoring in commit b99129d2 (ENH: some code cleanup,
    2007-03-12, v2.6.0~2020) accidentally set the `EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL` target
    property of `include_external_msproject`-generated targets to `FALSE`
    instead of simply leaving it unset.  This was not necessary but had no
    effect until the above commit gave it a meaning.  Drop that.
    Fixes: #18986
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