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    cmMakefile: Let AddDefinition accept a value as cm::string_view · e91bfe44
    Sebastian Holtermann authored
    This changes `cmMakefile::AddDefinition` to take a `cm::string_view` as value
    argument instead of a `const char *`.
    Benefits are:
    - `std::string` can be passed to `cmMakefile::AddDefinition` directly without
      the `c_str()` plus string length recomputation fallback.
    - Lengths of literals passed to `cmMakefile::AddDefinition` can be computed at
      compile time.
    In various sources uses of `cmMakefile::AddDefinition` are adapted to avoid
    `std::string::c_str` calls and the `std::string` is passed directly.
    Uses of `cmMakefile::AddDefinition`, where a `nullptr` `const char*` might
    be passed to `cmMakefile::AddDefinition` are extended with `nullptr` checks.
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