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    VS: Generate a custom command only in the least dependent target · f59c33a7
    Fujii Hironori authored
    If a custom command is assigned to multiple targets, generate the build
    rule only in the least-dependent `.vcxproj` file.  Otherwise MSBuild
    will run the command on the first build of a dependent target even if
    its dependencies already brought the command up to date (in order to
    populates its build log).
    Generate targets in least-to-most-dependent order, and assign a custom
    command to the least dependent target.
    Added cmLocalVisualStudio10Generator::GenerateTargetsDepthFirst to call
    cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator::Generate in least-dependent order.
    Moved SourcesVisited from cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator to
    cmLocalVisualStudio10Generator to avoid attaching a custom command to
    multiple targets among the local generator.
    Fixes: #16767
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