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    GNUInstallDirs: Update FreeBSD "info" destination to share/info · f835f189
    Tobias C. Berner authored
    FreeBSD ports commit r484628 (Install texinfo files (GNU info) into
    ${PREFIX}/share/info, 2018-11-10) changed the "info" destination
    from "info" to "share/info".  The commit included a patch to their
    distribution of CMake to fix the `GNUInstallDirs` module too.
    Apply a similar logic change to our upstream version of the module.
    We already made a similar change for GNU/kFreeBSD in commit
    v3.13.0-rc2~8^2 (GNUInstallDirs: Don't use BSD info and man paths on
    GNU/kFreeBSD, 2018-10-21).
    Fixes: #18585
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