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    Merge topic 'generator-expression-target-properties' · 103d9933
    Brad King authored
    083de7ed Process generator expressions in the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property.
    08cb4fa4 Process generator expressions in the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property.
    0ef091d9 Early return if there is no target.
    eb250cd1 Add a self-reference check for target properties.
    7e807472 Add API to check that dependent target properties form a DAG.
    239ac841 Add a generator expression for target properties.
    e028381b Extend the generator expression language with more logic.
    b8e61d68 Refactor GetCompileDefinitions a bit.
    2c2b25b2 Return a std::string from GetCompileDefinitions.
    b7e48e0a Add an AppendDefines std::string overload.
    9a160871 Convert paths in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property to Unix slashes.
    4557c8db Don't prepend a path before generator expressions in include_directories.
    c6abc41e Add include guard for cmGeneratorExpression.
    0ff4e3f0 Port remaining code to GetCompileDefinitions().
    f178d531 Fix indentation in the code blocks generator.
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