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Ninja: Update showIncludes prefix detection for clang-cl 18

Martin Storsjö requested to merge mstorsjo/cmake:showincludes-clangcl into master

Since commit LLVM/Clang commit 5523fefb01c2 ([clang][lex] Use preferred path separator in includer-relative lookup, 2023-09-08), part of the upcoming 18.x release, the output format of the showIncludes flag has changed, where it now prints paths with double backslashes:

Note: including file: .\\foo.h

Previously, we expected to see the path name in the form "./foo.h".

Extend the regex to match a path name starting with .\, in addition to the existing matched patterns.

Backport: release
Topic-rename: clang-cl-showIncludes

Edited by Brad King

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