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LCC: Add dedicated support for MCST LCC compiler

Igor Molchanov requested to merge makise-homura/cmake:new-compiler-lcc into master

Since old times, Elbrus C/C++/Fortran Compiler (LCC) by MCST has been passing checks for GNU compilers, so it has been identified as GNU. But, as proposed in issue #22710 (closed) by @brad.king:

The compiler should gain its own unique value for CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID

So, it has been added as a separate LCC compiler, and its version displays not a supported GCC version, but LCC version itself (e.g. LCC 1.25.19 instead of GNU 7.3.0).

Note: this transition may break software that are already ported to Elbrus, but hardly relies that LCC will be detected as GNU; still such software is not known.

Also this MR fixes some tests that fail on Elbrus platform.

Ready to nightly test, what's remaining after that:

  • [ ] Make a compatibility policy to let any software treat LCC as GCC, unless opposite is stated. Deferred to a later merge request.

Issue: #22710 (closed)
Topic-rename: lcc-compiler

Edited by Brad King

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