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Help: Valid range for test property, SKIP_RETURN_CODE, is 0 to 255, inclusive

Stephen Manz requested to merge SRManz/cmake:fix_skip into master

In Source/CTest/cmCTestTestHandler.h, member SkipReturnCode of cmCTestTestHandler::cmCTestTestProperties is an int. In Source/CTest/cmCTestTestHandler.cxx, if the value is < 0 or > 255, it is set to -1. Then, in Source/CTest/cmCTestRunTest.cxx, the test will be logged as skipped only if the value returned is >= 0 and equal to SkipReturnCode. The documentation should make it clear that there is a range of valid values for SKIP_RETURN_CODE.

Topic-rename: doc-SKIP_RETURN_CODE-range

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