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CUDA/select_compute_arch: Fix detection on old CUDA with new card/driver

Henry Schreiner requested to merge henryiii/cmake:arch_repair into master

Ensures that older versions of CUDA are not asked to compile an arch they are not familiar with when using the Common archs.


  • Version numbering now uses new(ish) VERSION_GREATER_EQUAL to ensure that a patch release does not confuse the lookup (plus it is much clearer and still correct if a .6 release is ever made)
  • 6.1+PTX was added incorrectly any time CUDA was less than 9 and Common archs were requested.
  • Known architecture limit for existing versions of CUDA provides a limit so mismatching versions of CUDA are not suggested.

This will be rebased on !1975 (closed) or that will be rebased on this, depending on which is merged first.

Fixes: #17921 (closed)
Topic-rename: cuda-arch-repair

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