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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • triage:easy
    CMake / CMake
    Issues which are probably easy to fix
  • triage:env-regression
    CMake / CMake
    Changes in platforms or libraries with Find modules which need CMake changes to support
  • triage:feature
    CMake / CMake
    Feature requests
  • triage:mr-welcome
    CMake / CMake
    A contributed fix is welcome but this is not a priority for upstream
  • triage:needinfo
    CMake / CMake
    Issues awaiting information
  • triage:needpolicy
    CMake / CMake
    Issues which will require a new policy to address
  • triage:regression
    CMake / CMake
    Regression in CMake itself
  • workflow:expired
    CMake / CMake
    Merge request was closed due to inactivity and may be re-opened later
  • Merge request was closed pending external discussion and may be re-opened later
  • workflow:in-review
    CMake / CMake
    Merge request is being reviewed by other developers
  • workflow:nightly-testing
    CMake / CMake
    Merge request is staged for nightly testing.
  • workflow:wip
    CMake / CMake
    Merge request is a work-in-progress, not ready for integration.