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    cmLocalGenerator: Simplify `GetIncludeDirectories` · f16dfdf7
    Sebastian Holtermann authored
    This patch strips the `stripImplicitDirs` and `appendAllImplicitDirs`
    parameters from the `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectories` method and makes
    it a wrapper into the new `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectoriesImplicit`
    method.  `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectoriesImplicit` is the renamed old
    implementation of `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectories` and still
    accepts `stripImplicitDirs` and `appendAllImplicitDirs`.
    The motivation is that there's only *one* case where
    `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectories` is called with the
    `stripImplicitDirs` parameter being `false` (QtAutoGen), but many other places
    where it is called using the `true` default value.
    QtAutoGen is modified to use `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectoriesImplicit`
    directly.  In two use cases of `cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectories`
    the manually set `true` value for `stripImplicitDirs` is removed.
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