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    VS: Provide the default platform name to project code · db02be85
    Brad King authored
    The value of `CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_NAME` is computed by Visual Studio
    generators based on `CMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM` or some default.
    Prior to the VS 2019 generator, the default was always `Win32`.
    However, for the `Visual Studio 16 2019` generator, the default is
    based on the host platform.
    Store the default in a new `CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_NAME_DEFAULT` variable for
    use by project code.  This is particularly useful in toolchain files
    because they are allowed to set `CMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM` and so
    `CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_NAME` is not yet known.  Of course the toolchain file
    author knows whether it will set `CMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM`, and if not
    then `CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_NAME_DEFAULT` provides the platform name that
    will be used.
    Fixes: #19177
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