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    cmIfCommand: Issue CMP0054 warning with appropriate context. (#15802) · d6a03b47
    Stephen Kelly authored
    Commit v3.4.0-rc1~494^2~4 (cmMakefile: Add API for elseif to create
    backtrace., 2015-05-29) removed the use of cmMakefileCall to push/pop
    execution context in favor of a new way to create backtraces.
    However, a call to cmMakefile::GetExecutionContext is still invoked to
    issue a contextual CMP0054 warning through cmConditionEvaluator.  As
    the elseif is not part of the call stack, this resulted in trying to
    access an empty vector.
    Avoid the attempt at getting execution context when evaluating elseif by
    constructing a context and backtrace on behalf of the cmConditionEvaluator
    in all cases.
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