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    FindThreads: Use complete program to test for pthreads in libc · d5331713
    Jerry authored
    Our check for just `pthread_create` is not sufficient because there are
    cases where that symbol may be found in libc but not all of pthreads.
    We first tried to address this in commit e9a1ddc5 (FindThreads:
    Replace the pthread symbol checking in libc., 2018-11-18,
    v3.14.0-rc1~292^2) by switching to `pthread_kill`, but that had to be
    reverted by commit 18320230 (FindThreads: Revert libc symbol check to
    pthread_create, 2019-02-27, v3.14.0-rc3~6^2) because there are other
    cases where `pthread_kill` is in libc but the rest of pthreads is not.
    Update our check to try a complete program using pthreads as an actual
    application might.
    Fixes: #18994
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