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    Generic-ELF: Add platform module to configure the .elf file extension · 3f9b40da
    Jordan Williams authored
    The `.elf` extension is a common convention used for embedded binaries.
    Both Arm and RISC-V use the ELF file format for executables.
    Configuring the `.elf` file extension is typically done incorrectly.
    Most embedded developers set this in toolchain files, which is not
    the correct place.
    This is typically accomplished through a hack by setting the individual
    language file extensions for C, CXX, and ASM.
    Multiple CMake issues in the past have been opened related to this.
    * #16538
    * #20163
    * #17880
    A platform module makes it simpler and less error prone for developers
    targeting these ubiquitous bare-metal platforms.
    This PR attempts to solve this globally with a generic platform.
    This could also be solved by using more specific platform modules, such
    as one for each of bare-metal Arm and RISC-V.
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