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    OS X: Detect implicit linker framework search paths · cc676c3a
    Brad King authored
    Previously we hard-coded a list of implicit framework directories but
    did not account for CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT or for changes to the list across
    OS X versions.  Instead we should automatically detect the framework
    directories for the active toolchain.
    The parent commit added the "-Wl,-v" option to ask "ld" to print its
    implicit directories.  It displays a block such as:
     Framework search paths:
    Parse this block to extract the list of framework directories.
    Detection may fail on toolchains that do not list their framework
    directories, such as older OS X linkers.  Always treat the paths
     <sdk>/Network/Library/Frameworks # Older OS X only
    as implicit.  Note that /System/Library/Frameworks should always be
    considered implicit so that frameworks CMake finds there will not
    override the SDK copies.
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