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    macOS: Restore compatibility for setting FRAMEWORK after install() · 95210d02
    Brad King authored
    The `FRAMEWORK` target property affects the way the `install()` command
    treats the target and so should be set first.  Our implementation
    assumed that this was always the case and led to an assertion failure.
    Prior to CMake 3.12 this was visible only when using an explicit
    `LIBRARY ... NAMELINK_ONLY` option, but commit 0212d7c7 (install: add
    NAMELINK_COMPONENT argument, 2018-04-18, v3.12.0-rc1~139^2~3) made
    it possible with a simple `LIBRARY DESTINATION`.
    Fully supporting out-of-order specification will require non-trivial
    refactoring to defer install generator creation to generate time.
    For now simply restore the old behavior of installing the framework
    to the library destination and warn about the case.
    Fixes: #18848