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    Handle CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL in some rare use cases. · 805c1b21
    Eric Noulard authored
    For example, when CPACK_<GEN>_COMPONENT_INSTALL and
    CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL are both set. Previously, this
    combination of variable settings produced an error without
    any explanation. Now, in this case CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL wins
    without trouble.
    This is useful for when e.g. CPACK_ARCHIVE_COMPONENT_INSTALL is
    globally on and one wants MONOLITHIC install for STGZ (but not
    other generators). The same behavior may be obtained by re-setting
    CPACK_ARCHIVE_COMPONENT_INSTALL to 0 but in any case the
    'both set' case should have been handled without error.