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    ENH: Improve linking to third-party shared libraries on soname platforms · 782e9f7f
    Brad King authored
      - Reduce false positives in cases of unknown soname
      - Make library extension regular expressions match only at end of string
      - When linking to libraries in implicit dirs convert to the -l option
        only if the file name is one that can be found by the linker
        (ex. /usr/lib/libfoo.so.1 should be linked by full path)
      - Add cmSystemTools::GuessLibrarySOName to guess the soname of a
        library based on presence of a symlink
      - In cmComputeLinkInformation try to guess an soname before assuming
        that a third-party library is built without an soname
      - In cmOrderDirectories guess the soname of shared libraries in cases
        it is otherwise unknown