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    Autogen: Switch to use custom commands for RCC · a87f82e0
    Sebastian Holtermann authored
    Instead of processing all `rcc` invocation requests in the
    _autogen target that calls `cmake -E cmake_autogen ...` once,
    use a dedicated custom command that calls
    `cmake -E cmake_autorcc ...` for each `.qrc` file.
    This allows parallel `.qrc` file processing and reduces the
    workload (and complexity) in the _autogen target.
    If only `AUTORCC` is enabled, the _autogen target won't be created
    at all since it is now used for `AUTOMOC` and `AUTOUIC` only.
    For `.qrc` files that are GENERATED a custom target is used
    instead of a custom command.
    Closes #17161
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