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    Clang: Support Windows variants for GNU and MSVC (#13035, #14458) · 3d8356d4
    Brad King authored
    Teach the compiler identification preprocessor tests to report when
    Clang simulates MSVC, and what version.  If not MSVC, assume GNU.
    Teach compiler information modules Clang-(C|CXX) to recognize when Clang
    simulates MSVC and skip loading the GNU information.
    Teach the Windows-MSVC platform information to recognize when it is
    loaded as the simulated compiler and use that version information
    instead of the real compiler's (different) version scheme.
    Add platform modules Windows-Clang-(C|CXX) and support module
    Windows-Clang to load either Windows-MSVC or Windows-GNU and wrap
    the corresponding information macros.