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    Log the required package version and major improvement to FeatureSummary · 33338781
    Alexander Neundorf authored
    find_package() now also stores the required version automatically, so it
    can be used by FeatureSummary.cmake.
    This was one of the requested features for setting up nightly builds
    for KDE, since with this functionality it will be possible to write
    a file at the end of each project which lists all required packages
    and their versions. This file could then be compared for equality
    with an older one and if something has changed the build maintainer
    can be emailed.
    In FeatureSummary.cmake there is now a new function feature_summary(),
    which also allows to print the log to a file or into a variable.
    It also allows to specify whether to append to a file or to write a new
    one, and what information to log.
    Docs are still missing.
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