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    cmake-mode.el: Add support for prog-mode hooks (#15521) · b24b58bb
    Jostein Kjønigsen authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
    Since version 24, Emacs supports a generic mode called prog-mode.  Like
    all other modes it has its own mode-hook, prog-mode-hook.  For Emacs
    users it is common to provide all your generic programming-mode related
    customizations in this mode-hook.
    cmake-mode is definitely a programming-mode and should support calling
    this hook. There are two ways to make that happen:
    * Make your major-mode a derived-mode from prog-mode.
    * Manually calling the hook upon mode-activation.
    Implementing a derived mode may be the most proper thing to do, but that
    may require quite a few structural changes.  For now just call the hook
    explicitly if it exists.  This should cover much of what users need.
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