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    FindLAPACK: Distinguish check result variable name from FindBLAS · 6f5e4a53
    Brad King authored
    Since commit 192a9182 (FindLAPACK: MKL clean up and fix for windows,
    2013-10-08, v3.0.0-rc1~538^2), FindLAPACK accidentally used FindBLAS's
    `BLAS_` prefix for some of its check results.
    Since commit 5b8f69eb (FindBLAS: Detect implicitly linked BLAS
    library, 2018-08-28, v3.13.0-rc1~150^2~2), FindBLAS stores a check
    result in a plain `BLAS_WORKS` variable.  The typo in FindLAPACK happens
    to cause a collision with that name.
    The typo was already fixed in post-3.13 development as part of other
    work in commit 8b63265e (FindLAPACK: Unify internal variables related
    to MKL, 2018-11-18).  Fix the typo in the 3.13 version of FindLAPACK to
    avoid the collision.  Otherwise it could cause FindLAPACK to incorrectly
    determine that a certain library combination does not work (or
    incrrectly that it works).
    Fixes: #18860