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    find_package: Drop search in recent cmake-gui locations · 1506f9ca
    Brad King authored
    The find_package command, on Windows, has always searched build trees
    recently visited by cmake-gui (or CMakeSetup at one time).  This was
    done when the command was created with the intention of simplifying
    workflows involving building multiple dependent projects.  However,
    this behavior depends on recent developer interaction and therefore
    can create different find results based on transient system states.
    It can lead to surprising results and user confusion.
    Since this behavior was first added CMake has gained many more search
    options, better error messages when a package is not found, and a
    package registry.  The latter in particular allows projects to make
    their build trees available for dependent projects to find without
    user intervention.  Therefore the originally intended workflow can
    be achieved in other, more stable ways.
    After the above evoluion of find_package we have now decided that
    the magic search-where-cmake-gui-was behavior does mo...