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    FindOpenSceneGraph: Fix find in Debug · 192e5520
    Cyril Boucher authored
    As of now, it is not possible to find OpenSceneGraph in Debug because the only
    variable find_package_handle_standard_args is checking is ${module}_LIBRARY
    while the debug library is in ${module}_LIBRARY_DEBUG. The refactoring gets rid
    of the old behaviour to replace with a call to select_library_configurations
    which will populated ${module}_LIBRARY accordingly.
    [Modules/Findosg_functions.cmake Modules/FindOpenThreads.cmake]
    - Include SelectLibraryConfigurations module
    - Modify the name of the variable that will be populated by the first
      find_library to ${MODULE}_LIBRARY_RELEASE so that SelectLibraryConfigurations
    can act on it
    - Add call to select_library_configurations after attempting to find libraries
      in debug and release
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