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    Create Xdmf2 branch for ParaView · 33d8d6b3
    Dave Demarle authored
    The ParaView CVS repository was modified on 2007-07-09 to add
    server-side symbolic links under Utilities/Xdmf2 within ParaView:
      Utilities/Xdmf2/vtk    -> .../Xdmf/vtk
      Utilities/Xdmf2/CMake  -> .../Xdmf/CMake
      Utilities/Xdmf2/libsrc -> .../Xdmf/libsrc
    and share the directories with the Xdmf repository.
    The approach essentially created a fork of Xdmf with only a subset of
    its tree.  This commit was manufactured during conversion from CVS to
    represent the fork as a branch.
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