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    Add TaskTiling1D/3D which use faux virtuals to reduce binary size. · 60a405ef
    Robert Maynard authored
    Redesigns the TBB and Serial backends and the vtkm::exec::Task concept so that
    we can re-use the same launching logic for all Worklets, instead of generating
    per worlet code. To keep the performance the same the TilingTask now is past
    a range of indices to work on, rather than a single index.
    Binary size reduction:
    WorkletTests_SERIAL old - 19MB
    WorkletTests_SERIAL new - 18MB
    WorkletTests_TBB old - 39MB
    WorkletTests_TBB new - 18MB
    libvtkAcceleratorsVTKm old - 48MB
    libvtkAcceleratorsVTKm new - 19MB
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