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WIP: Add pybind11 wrappers and Abaqus importer for aeva

Ye Han requested to merge yehan/session:add-pybind11-wrappers-for-aeva into master

Aeva session builds without error on my Ubuntu machine but I'm getting the following issue on running aevaCMB

`WARNING: module "smtk.session.aeva.abaqus_importer" has been requested but cannot be imported.

Paths searched: /home/yehan/Kitware/cmb-superbuild-build/install/lib/ /home/yehan/Kitware/cmb-superbuild-build/install/lib/python3.8 /home/yehan/Kitware/cmb-superbuild-build/install/lib/python3.8/lib-dynload .`

There could be multiple issues.

  • I can find the smtk.session.aeva module using the python interpreter from cmb superbuild, but I don't see the other python files from aeva/pybind11 being generated.
  • The other python modules from the original smtk do not show up from the python interpreter. The smtk directory seems to be replaced completely by session-build/smtk?

Could you please take a look? Any suggestion is much appreciated. @dcthomp @ben.boeckel @aron.helser

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