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    CPU parallel radix sorting · 250888f7
    Thomas Otahal authored
    Parallel radix sorting will be invoked in DeviceAdapterAlgorthmTBB.h when
    the input is ArrayHandle<T, vtkm::cont::StorageTagBasic> where T is one of
    the following basic C++ types:
    unsigned int
    unsigned short int
    unsigned long int
    unsigned long long int
    unsigned char
    long long
    signed char
    If a comparison operator is provided, it must be type std::less<T> or std::greater<T>.
    Radix sort implementation is Satish parallel radix sort as documented in the
    following citation:
      Fast sort on CPUs and GPUs: a case for bandwidth oblivious SIMD sort.
        N. Satish, C. Kim, J. Chhugani, A. D. Nguyen, V. W. Lee, D. Kim, and P. Dubey.
        In Proc. SIGMOD, pages 351–362, 2010
    Implementation is based on Takuya Akiba's GitHub source code with the following
       - Changed parallel threading from OpenMP to TBB tasks
       - Removed pair sorting
       - Added minimum threshold for parallel, will instead invoke serial radix sort (kxsort)
       - Added std::greater<T> and std::less<T> to interface for descending order sorts
       - Added can_use_parallel_radix_sort<T, F>() function to determine if parallel radix sorting
         is possible for type T and compare function F (fallback is std::sort() if not possible)
       - Added linear scaling of threads used by the algorithm for more stable performance
         on machines with lots of available threads (KNL and Haswell)
    Added kxsort (serial MSD radix sort by Dinghua Li via GitHub) implementation without modification.
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