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    Edit VeloView for Qt5.6.2 and Paraview5.4 versions bump · 55349122
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     * We add new dependencies to Freetype and Fontconfig because Qt5+ doesn't
       ship them anymore.
       This decision go through new CMake files for each OS.
     * We need to change some Qt code to remove deprecated/non existed parts
       and replace them with the new method.
     * There is CTK classes added because Paraview, since version 5.3, doesn't
       ship them anymore.
       Again, more CMake code in order to take these new files in consideration
     * Some C++ changes to take consideration of Paraview major API changes.
       According to the documentation you could find here:
     * Again, some changes on CMake and C++ were required to build correctly
       the Paraview's VeloView plugin.
     * The coding style edition came from clang-format
     * There is a change to Paraview dependency with a new branch, customized
       to keep the old behavior of some feature (such as the OutputDialog) or
       to turn off some deprecated warnings which pop out on the UI.
     * Some CMake changes were required for Qt5, because (obviously) the Qt4
       macros were unusable in this context.
       In addition, more CMake changes for the Paraview subproject, pythonqt
     * We take Paraview 5.4 for Unicode support on filenames.
     * We take Qt 5.6.2 to solve an issue with a hanging SpreadSheetView on
     * Because of linking issues with PythonQt, we switch the patched version
       (the previous one won't link with Qt5, and mixing up Qt4 from the system
       and Qt5 from the project throws a segmentation fault at startup).
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