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[refactor][lv-core] Enable All SLAM dependencies on CI

Arnaud Billon requested to merge ci-enable-all-deps into master
  • Tested with every relevant combinations of {ENABLE_ceres, ENABLE_nanoflann, ENABLE_pcl} on Ubuntu20 (other platforms shouldnt behave differently)


  • CI Enabled SLAM

  • CI Enabled -DENABLE_ceres=True -DENABLE_nanoflann=True -DENABLE_pcl=True

  • Reorganised LidarPlugin sources and tests by features, using cmake_dependent_option. Those are still enabled by default but new options enable allows to no build them.

  • Renamed ENABLE_slam to feature-oriented/ non SB-conflicting LIDARVIEW_BUILD_SLAM in a paraview like convention.

  • Reviewed some thirdparty dependencies (removed a PCL required here and there were only Ceres was needed)

  • Retired OldSlam to TrajectoryReoptimization

  • Deleted unused and empty LidarPlugin/Testing/TestCarGeometricCalibration.cxx

  • Update relevant DOC

  • Must be merged with sister branches AND SB RE-RUN

@jerome.dias @nick.laurenson

Edited by Arnaud Billon

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