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    Various updates/modernizations/improvements to SimpleCocoaVTK example · f6d0deff
    Sean McBride authored
    - Now require newer Xcode and more modern Objective-C dialect.
    - Now require building VTK with VTK_CUSTOM_LIBRARY_SUFFIX="",
      which is best practice anyway if using Xcode, so that the CMake-built
      VTK libraries don't constantly change filenames (by having the version number embedded).
    - Adjusted Xcode project paths to remove version from filename.
    - Added a window controller class, which is more idiomatic.
    - The example now uses ARC (automatic reference counting) memory management by default.
    - renamed ivars to start with underscore, per Cocoa convention
    - added project.xcworkspace to .gitignore
    - added usual VTK divider line comments
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