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    Merge topic 'misc-fixes2' into master · 09fb8a20
    Sean McBride authored
    604952c4 Refactor old school alignment test to use offsetof()
    82d38579 Removed simple dead stores/statements found by cppcheck
    5da80674 Reverse order of AND statements
    dd72b672 Refactor & simplify to avoid cppcheck false positive
    13ee5b90 Add parens for less ambiguity, fix cppcheck warning
    2f2c9e3c Copy-paste error, duplicate ORing
    b85b5f6a Replace size() with empty()
    c0f818bb Fixed stack allocation to be properly aligned
    da2c429f Removed unneeded casting
    430ca632 Made various float to bool conversions explicit
    00834ec7 Fixed cppcheck signConversion warning
    ae942ece Fix incorrectStringCompare cppcheck warning
    95574593 Fixed memory leaks found by cppcheck
    bf7dbc51 Return upon error, otherwise invalid file reference is used
    364f7a5f Add asserts to silence clang analyzer warning
    af1c03df Fix clang warnings about implicit float->bool
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