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    Fix otherPrint and TestEmptyInput tests · f5a7a1a8
    Ken Martin authored
    There were a lot of abstract classes defined in Rendering/Core or
    Rendering/Volume that the OpenGL2 backend has not implemented yet.
    This causes a crach whenever such a class is instantiated as is
    done by some of the tests. The fix is to either remove or provide
    implementations for these classes. For the volme code this patch adds
    a VolumeOpenGL2 directory which will be where the new/converted
    volume rendering implementations will go.
    The other big piece is the painters. As we are not/can not support that API
    the classes were moved to OpenGL. The excpetion is the PainterDeviceAdapter
    which is part of RenderWindow. When building with OpenGL2 that class is
    treated in RenderWindow as a plain vtkObject that does nothing.
    vtkSmartVolumeMapper is not currenty built by OpenGL2 but could be if we
    are willing to add a bunch of ifdefs. The basic approach is there already
    in the class, just need to add a bunch more if we want to have that in the
    short term prior to the new GPU mapper being completed.
    This patch includes some other fixes that were required to get the tests to
    pass. Generally related to missing file properties or extra includes that
    were not needed.
    Change-Id: Id41db2d90526c109b1acb7442d99d8c2371cc396
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