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    COMP: Clear VTK_HAS_STD_ISFINITE and related variables. · f1760ede
    David Gobbi authored
    The cmake variables VTK_HAS_STD_ISFINITE, VTK_HAS_STD_ISNAN, and
    VTK_HAS_STD_ISINF were set incorrectly prior to commit c4b4eb3b,
    and the incorrect settings are stuck in the CMakeCache.txt of many
    machines (and will be until they clear their cache).  So this commit
    specifically removes those variables from the cache, in order to
    allow the correct checks to be done.  This commit will be reverted
    after one week.
    Change-Id: I27073fbe199957a551c65c090313d74a850b28db