Commit d606b19f authored by Vitaly Stakhovsky's avatar Vitaly Stakhovsky Committed by Brad King

server-mode: Fix regression in cache entry reporting

Refactoring in commit 0bf0e35e (cmCacheManager::GetProperty: return
cmProp, 2020-03-19) changed the return type of GetCacheEntryValue.
Update the server mode's call site accordingly.
parent 6b208d87
......@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@ cmServerResponse cmServerProtocol1::ProcessCache(
entry[kKEY_KEY] = key;
entry[kTYPE_KEY] =
entry[kVALUE_KEY] = state->GetCacheEntryValue(key);
entry[kVALUE_KEY] = *state->GetCacheEntryValue(key);
Json::Value props = Json::objectValue;
bool haveProperties = false;
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