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      cmTarget: Compute link language of TARGET_OBJECTS with CMP0026 OLD (#15338) · 23f3798c
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Commit v3.1.0-rc1~297^2~5 (cmTarget: Drop 'head' argument from
      GetSourceFiles, 2014-07-10) exposed a dormant bug in source file computation,
      causing the test case to regress.  After that commit, the source file
      computation and caching finds an existing container of source files.  Prior to
      that patch, the GetSourceFiles method was called with either a null pointer
      for the head cmTarget, or it was called with the this pointer.  The
      processSources method is eventually called, which normalizes the difference
      between the null pointer and the this pointer for the head target.  However,
      the cache key depends on the actual pre-normalized pointer.  The change in
      that commit caused the entry to be found in the cache where it was not before,
      which resulted in incorrect behavior.
      Prior to that commit, the test case also fails if the GetSourceFiles overload
      taking a vector<cmSourceFile*> is changed to normalize the head target at
      the beginnin...
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