Commit f95dcecc authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Merge branch 'bootstrap-twice-in-source' into release-3.9

Merge-request: !1258
parents 9f66fe9a a3deae71
......@@ -830,6 +830,12 @@ rm -f "${cmake_bootstrap_dir}/cmake_bootstrap.log"
rm -f "${cmake_bootstrap_dir}/cmConfigure.h${_tmp}"
rm -f "${cmake_bootstrap_dir}/cmVersionConfig.h${_tmp}"
# If building in-source, remove any cmConfigure.h that may
# have been created by a previous run of the bootstrap cmake.
if [ -n "${cmake_in_source_build}" ]; then
rm -f "${cmake_source_dir}/Source/cmConfigure.h"
# If exist compiler flags, set them
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