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Merge branch 'vs-2017-choose-via-environment' into release-3.9

parents f7f721d4 2644e4c9
......@@ -15,6 +15,18 @@ a target platform name optionally at the end of this generator name:
``Visual Studio 15 2017 ARM``
Specify target platform ``ARM``.
Instance Selection
VS 2017 supports multiple installations on the same machine.
CMake queries the Visual Studio Installer to locate VS instances.
If more than one instance is installed we do not define which one
is chosen by default. If the ``VS150COMNTOOLS`` environment variable
is set and points to the ``Common7/Tools`` directory within one of
the instances, that instance will be used. The environment variable
must remain consistently set whenever CMake is re-run within a given
build tree.
Toolset Selection
/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#include "cmVSSetupHelper.h"
#include "cmSystemTools.h"
#ifndef VSSetupConstants
#define VSSetupConstants
......@@ -240,6 +241,22 @@ bool cmVSSetupAPIHelper::EnumerateAndChooseVSInstance()
setupHelper == NULL)
return false;
std::string envVSCommonToolsDir;
// FIXME: When we support VS versions beyond 2017, the version
// to choose will be passed in by the caller. We need to map that
// to a per-version name of this environment variable.
if (cmSystemTools::GetEnv("VS150COMNTOOLS", envVSCommonToolsDir)) {
// FIXME: If the environment variable value changes between runs
// of CMake within a given build tree the results are not defined.
// Instead we should save a CMAKE_GENERATOR_INSTANCE value in the cache
// (similar to CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET) to hold it persistently.
// Unfortunately doing so will require refactoring elsewhere in
// order to make sure the value is available in time to create
// the generator.
std::vector<VSInstanceInfo> vecVSInstances;
SmartCOMPtr<IEnumSetupInstances> enumInstances = NULL;
......@@ -263,6 +280,17 @@ bool cmVSSetupAPIHelper::EnumerateAndChooseVSInstance()
instance = instance2 = NULL;
if (isInstalled) {
if (!envVSCommonToolsDir.empty()) {
std::string currentVSLocation(instanceInfo.VSInstallLocation.begin(),
currentVSLocation += "/Common7/Tools";
if (cmSystemTools::ComparePath(currentVSLocation,
envVSCommonToolsDir)) {
chosenInstanceInfo = instanceInfo;
return true;
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