Commit 9e0176e2 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel Committed by Brad King
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Xcode: Sort targets deterministically and with ALL_BUILD first (#15346)

The default target in XCode is the first one in the file.

In commit v3.1.0-rc1~286^2 (cmTarget: use a hash_map for cmTargets
typedef, 2014-06-10) the order of the targets stored in cmMakefile was
made non-deterministic instead of lexicographic.  Teach the Xcode
generator to do its own sorting to restore a predictable order.

While at it, place ALL_BUILD first (as is done in VS IDE generators)
explicitly in the comparison function so that it is the default target
even if other targets sort earlier lexicographically (e.g. "AAA").
parent c0ff542c
......@@ -965,6 +965,23 @@ struct cmSourceFilePathCompare
struct cmCompareTargets
bool operator () (std::string const& a, std::string const& b) const
if (a == "ALL_BUILD")
return true;
if (b == "ALL_BUILD")
return false;
return strcmp(a.c_str(), b.c_str()) < 0;
cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::CreateXCodeTargets(cmLocalGenerator* gen,
......@@ -973,9 +990,16 @@ cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::CreateXCodeTargets(cmLocalGenerator* gen,
cmTargets &tgts = this->CurrentMakefile->GetTargets();
typedef std::map<std::string, cmTarget*, cmCompareTargets> cmSortedTargets;
cmSortedTargets sortedTargets;
for(cmTargets::iterator l = tgts.begin(); l != tgts.end(); l++)
cmTarget& cmtarget = l->second;
sortedTargets[l->first] = &l->second;
for(cmSortedTargets::iterator l = sortedTargets.begin();
l != sortedTargets.end(); l++)
cmTarget& cmtarget = *l->second;
cmGeneratorTarget* gtgt = this->GetGeneratorTarget(&cmtarget);
// make sure ALL_BUILD, INSTALL, etc are only done once
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