Commit 83d8acee authored by Sebastian Holtermann's avatar Sebastian Holtermann Committed by Brad King
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Autogen: Check .moc header name against SKIP list

When encountering an #include "FOO.moc" statement where
FOO.hpp was chosen over FOO.cpp as the moc source, the
FOO.hpp name was not checked against the moc SKIP list.
parent 372de3f8
......@@ -1003,7 +1003,7 @@ bool cmQtAutoGenerators::MocParseSourceContent(
// In relaxed mode try to find a header instead but issue a warning
const std::string headerToMoc =
this->MocFindHeader(scannedFileAbsPath, incSubDir + incBasename);
if (!headerToMoc.empty()) {
if (!headerToMoc.empty() && !this->MocSkip(headerToMoc)) {
// This is for KDE4 compatibility:
fileToMoc = headerToMoc;
if (!requiresMoc && (incBasename == scannedFileBasename)) {
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