Commit 491d2108 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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ExternalProject: Avoid if() auto-dereferene in quoted arguments

The implementation of this module doesn't expect such dereferences
to happen, but can when a project sets a variable called `x`.
Set `CMP0054` explicitly to get its NEW behavior.

Fixes: #17335
parent a91eb5e4
......@@ -854,6 +854,9 @@ The custom step could then be triggered from the main build like so::
cmake_policy(SET CMP0054 NEW) # if() quoted variables not dereferenced
# Pre-compute a regex to match documented keywords for each command.
math(EXPR _ep_documentation_line_count "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_LINE} - 4")
......@@ -3035,3 +3038,5 @@ function(ExternalProject_Add name)
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