Commit 45ec182d authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly Committed by Brad King
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Features: Fix the COMPILE_FEATURES genex for unavailable features.

Previously, the genex tested only for CMake knowledge of the feature,
but not compiler knowledge of the feature.
parent 2bead0eb
......@@ -1373,9 +1373,16 @@ static const struct CompileFeaturesNode : public cmGeneratorExpressionNode
for (LangMap::const_iterator lit = testedFeatures.begin();
lit != testedFeatures.end(); ++lit)
std::vector<std::string> const& langAvailable
= availableFeatures[lit->first];
for (std::vector<std::string>::const_iterator it = lit->second.begin();
it != lit->second.end(); ++it)
if (std::find(langAvailable.begin(), langAvailable.end(), *it)
== langAvailable.end())
return "0";
if (!context->Makefile->HaveStandardAvailable(target,
lit->first, *it))
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